There are now so many people around that can provide this service, ranging from companies that charge hundreds of pounds per page, to individuals that offer to set up a whole site for a cup of coffee.

What can i do that is different?

Our success in this area. is due to the fact that I am happy to talk with you and determine just what your needs are. I then create something along with you, that has the looks and contents that you want.

Web sites can be written using lots of different methods , HTML, PERL, PHP and many CMS tools. I can advise on the best types and how difficult they are to set-up and maintain. I can also provide advice on hosting and Domain Registration

Here are some of the sites I have created:

Sally's Childcare

Top to Toe Treats

I also have as a site to test ideas with customers

and of course this site!


Want to know more? then just give us a call for more details