I have been getting "PC's to work" for lots of people, for many years. I realised that I could do the same thing for many more people.

I want to provide users of any PC, with a solution to the problems, that they may be having with it, and get them back up and working!

Why can I do this?

Because I have many years of experience working with and repairing PC's. I have overcome many of the problems that many people suffer first hand and with this large amount of experience I often already have the solutions or can produce a solution to most problems.


I really have – "been there - done it - worn the tee shirt!!

I am aware of the costs that many of the national and local providers charge, and am happy to ensure that my charges are always competitive!

I am a dynamic individual with a serious approach to solving your problems. I can work with systems running Windows© or Linux

I understand that however small your problem is to you,  its not allowing you to do what you need too.

I REALLY CAN solve these problems for you!